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The Blue Crab


Blue Crabs are unique. They have a tendency to grab hold of other crabs without fail. It's part of their nature.

In Society, we have blue crabs that hold back progress in virtually every area of our lives. Whether the process is learned or natural from birth, the blue crab mentality has had a devastating effect on the prosperity of any community. Since words have tremendous power to influence people and situations, blue crabs must be exterminated by words. In other words, just as blue crabs lose their deathly grip when dropped in boiling water, positive words serve as boiling water quenching the chilling effect that the toxic words spewed by  Blue Crabs.

The important thing to remember about blue crabs is that they are not the enemy. In fact, they are diseased and can only be healed by receiving therapy. We, the community (Crab Society), can serve as the greatest source of healing for our sick brethrens by giving them their medicine when needed. Just as the antidote for loosening the grip of blue crabs is boiling water, words that affect the conscious, mind and soul will deafen the blow of those crabs that unknowingly practice envy. Notice their speaking negatively about a thriving neighbor, successful co-worker, flourishing friend, family or church member.

Are you a CRAB?  Meet us in the boiling room Blog or Chat!

The Boiling room

The Crab Society Blog is a community where citizens can expressed their concerns about important issues affecting our commune. As this city grows, we are faced with the challenge of changing our thinking which ultimately affects our reality. We encourage healthy debate that uplifts rather than tears down. Without sacrificing the truth, we urge conservatives, moderates and liberal thinkers to challenge history, today’s realities and more so the commonalities to create a society that views differences as strengths.

The Crab Society Blog is your platform for change. No blue Crabs allowed. In addition, if you happen to be a crab, know that there's some boiling water waiting for you. Remember out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.


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