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Austin Rhodes Offends Many

NAACP: Austin Rhodes should be fired, too

April 16 — Cancel the Austin Rhodes radio show. That’s the request from local ministers.

Radio Daze
by The insider
Corporate suits take Austin Rhodes’ future out of local hands

'Spirit' not for race baiting
Commentator erred when he called names

Attacked by radio

May 23 - One year after conflict with Austin Rhodes began, Michelle and Arnold Vann cite burglaries and failure of conservative values as reasons to move

June 26 - Geico Corporate Communications issued this short statement: “GEICO has discontinued its advertising on Beasley Broadcasting.”

That’s apparently in response to complaints about Austin Rhodes because it’s being touted by Rhodes’ opponents. Geico didn’t say more, however.

Are Protests Hurting Beasley?

June 26 - AUGUSTA, GA. - Protests against Beasley Broadcast Group entered their third month this week. A number of religious and civil rights groups, including the NAACP, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference marked the occasion at a June 25 press conference at the Bi-Lo on Tobacco Road.

Metro Spirit - Augusta,GA,USA
The recent "chimp" reference on The Chronicle bulletin boards grew out of a remark about the demonstrations against Austin Rhodes, WGAC talk-show host and ...


Augusta 01 - Michelle Vann’s battle with Austin Rhodes is moving onto a national stage. This week, talk show host Joe Madison of WOL-AM in Washington, DC, began talking about the issue.


Madison, known as The Black Eagle, is also broadcast on XM Radio on channel 179. He has been a talk-show host for 30 years and he’s cautiously stepping into this one.
Of late, the Vanns have been key players in the protest against Rhodes. Madison isn’t taking sides, however.


“The bottom line is I wish all sides would sit down privately, quietly,” Madison said. He thinks they could work things out. “I’m even willing to offer to my services to mediate.”
Mediate? He must not be from here.


Free Speech

Augusta 01 -  “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” Amendment I of the Bill of Rights...





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