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Spread the WORD: Support Betty Beard On September 22, 2009 at 5:00 pm, Join us at the Augusta Richmond-County municipal building in support of Commissioner Betty Beard. We need to show up and let our voices be heard. If we are to grow and make Augusta the second largest city, we must move past partisan bickering and old racial antics. See you at Lady Liberty behind the Municipal complex 530 Greene Street (downtown Augusta, GA).


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Anyone familiar with the behavior of a bunch of crabs trapped at the bottom of a bucket will know what happens when one of them tries to climb to the top; instead of attempting the climb themselves, those left at the bottom of the bucket will do all in their collective power to drag the climber back down.  And although crab behavior should not in any way be analogous to human behavior, we can think of many instances where it is.

Meanwhile, are you a crab?  Meet us in the boiling room!


The Boiling Room

The Boiling Room was created as a blog by the Crab Society  where citizens can expressed their concerns about important issues affecting our commune.  As this city grows, we are faced with the challenge of changing our thinking which ultimately affects our reality.  We encourage healthy debate that uplifts rather than tear down.  Without sacrificing the truth, we urge conservative, moderate and liberal thinkers to challenge history, today’s realities and more so the commonalities to create a society that views differences as strengths.

The Crab Society Blog is your platform for change. 
No Blue Crabs allowed.  In addition, if you happen to be a crab, know that there's some boiling hot water waiting for you.  Remember, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Stay tuned, more to come... 








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Commissioner says he didn't report "ridiculous" TEE Center bribe

Sep 21, 2009 Only on 12: Documents suggest attempted TEE Center bribe

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The Justice Department Raises a Rebel Yell: The Strange Prosecution of Charles Walker

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Crab in a Bucket




Up and coming Graphic Design Artists.  Want to participate in the Crab in a Bucket Contest?

The winner for BEST design will be used as the Official Crab in a Bucket logo and placed on this website and receive $100 in cash.  Logo design must be submitted in a workable file format.  Animation is a plus but not required.

Send in your BEST design along with your contact information to: contest@crabinabucket.com

Deadline for submission is June 15, 2007.

Winner will be chosen June 18, 2007.

Contest Winner: Mr. Corban Bell  








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